Fleeting (2019)
@ 625 Gallery, SF, CA.


A short story about fleeting moments.

The idea that life is a collection of fleeting moments that can not be kept forever is interesting to me
and I hope people can realize the beauty of cherishing ordinary moments.

- photos -


Enclosed (2018)
@ Atelier Gallery, SF, CA.


I want to represent more about my unconsciousness such as curiosity, independence,
and a carefree life that I have felt for a long time in my inmost mind through this series.
These feelings are usually transferred to the object in the photograph and the place I choose.
During the process, I let the object act freely and direct her to follow the instincts.
It makes the object to express more about real feelings that she had suppressed to hide in the real world.

This project is a way to tell a story about myself by capturing a girl
in the enclosed and mysterious place, but she feels free and easy.


Meaning of Seeing (2018)
@ Minnesota Street Project, SF, CA.
_Curated by OFFSpace


Started with the idea that making art for visually impaired people.

When we go to a museum or a gallery, people are not allowed to touch artworks
and securities warn people when they are close to an art piece.

I strongly believe art is for everyone and it should be easily accessible.

Framed the photos without a protecting glass.
Write braille on the images so the blind can imagine and appreciate the photos.
At the same time, give an opportunity to people who don’t know how to read braille can guess about the story by reading it.

- Photos -